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Training in Communication

Are you satisfied with your information meetings or presentations?

Are you nervous before addressing large meeting?

Do you think you are able to communicate what you want to say?

Would you like to increase your effectiveness?

The list could have been made much larger. If you have any experience of Information-meetings and Presentations, you are bound to have reflected on problems of communication to which you would be glad of a solution?!

This training is aimed at those of you who seek to learn what "tools" are available to you when your aim is to communicate with others and influence them!

The course is aimed entirely at the individual. Our aim is to bring out Your strength and personality. What we shall doing over the two days amounts to a sort of coaching, and I shall be starting from where you are now. In short, the training is aimed at those who wish to feel more confident and self-assured when faced with the task of giving information to an audience and conducting meetings.

The course are organised in line with needs and requirements. However, what I would like to recommend is a "Basic training-Course", structured as follows:

We start with two days when we go trough each person in the group. There will be a large amount of individual training. We establish a basic level of confidence and develop the various "tools" we shall working with. At the end of these two days, the newly acquired knowledge will be put into a practise "out there".

12-16 weeks after the first session, we meet again for a days "follow-up", when we check on how things have gone and make comments. We also repeat various elements and add one or two new ones, if time permits. The participanat will be given a task that they should perform on this day.

To enable sufficient individual activity, the group should not be too large. I therefore recommend 8 - 10 persons in each group.

Practical items during the Course:

  • What points of contact do I have, and how shall I use them?
  • Creating openness between speaker and Audience.
  • Getting your nerves under control.
  • Breaking away from the most common routines of presentation technique.
  • Making the Participant aware of his or her body in relation to the message he or she wishes to convey.
  • How should I use my Technical Aids to maximum effect?
  • Projecting your personality and strength so that they reach the entire audience.
  • How should I structure my presentation to achieve my goal?

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Managing Communication

"Improve Your Communication Impact!"
Communication is today a key competence and success factor for managers and key people in companies. This training will provide You with tools that can be used when communicating with others and influencing them. The purpose is to strengthen the message to be delivered. This will create a faster and stronger reaction from the "receiver" of the message and therefore deliver the objective of the communication!


  • Communication Planning - Why and how should I use it?
  • Communication Channels - How should I use them?
  • Learn to create openness between the presenter and the group.
  • How should I tailor the message to different audiences?
  • Learn to structure the presentation to achieve Your goal.
  • Learn how to achieve more focus in meetings and presentations.
  • How should I use the slides in my story?
  • To understand my communication responsbility.


The seminar is directed entirely at the individual participant and his possibilities. The size of the group should therefore be limited to a maximum of 10 people. This will promote the individual coaching.

In order to be as close as possible to Your everyday work needs, we would like You to bring an example of one of Your presentations. It can be a case that you already have or something that You have started to prepare, old or new, it does not matter. We are going to work with Your material during the training.

Length of seminar: 2 days.

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Communication Coaching

This is directed to individuals in companys who would like to have more "hands on" individual coaching and not train in a group.

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Company Presentations

When you need to design and work through a presentation - we can help you!

This means that we will help you getting a focused message and coach you in how to deliver this in a strong way.

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