What is Communication?

What is Communication

To me, it is ” the art of reaching out to others “, whether in terms of feelings or facts !

How can I do this in a credible manner?

My concept is essentially as follows:

I have studied the process of communication for a long period (more than 25 years), observed people when they communicate with each other, and analysed what is needed for it to work. In this way I have divided up the communication process into small units.

My maxim is that anything connected with communication can be put into words and that everything is concrete. Once you have done this, you can work efficiently and improve your communicative image.

My aim is for each person to take control of the process and not to become a victim (which is unfortunately all too common), but to be in command of the situation !

It could be said that my aim when working with people is: To reinforce the message and personality of each individual and to raise the level of performance so that a basic confidence exist at all times !